Tuesday, 28 May 2013

You Waste Your Time - Tremonti (Review)

In Intermediate i heard about this band called Creed, i loved it, but never did i know at that time that it's guitarist was Mark Tremonti. He is now one of my inspiration in picking up a guitar. His creed songs were bluesy,melodic & alternative,  Alter Bridge was Hard Rock and had a melodic feel to it, but now his solo effort is a complete speed/Thrash metal album with melody in it.

Sound: The sound to me being a metal fan, reminds me of the thrash feel i love. It comes close to the Alter Bridge sound more than creed's.The ripping intro riff was very very cool, Tremonti a huge fan of metallica who also openly confessed in being influenced a lot by the compositions of metallica, aimed for that kind of a thrashy sound but in his own unique way.

Lyrics: The Lyrics are very refreshing when compared to the songs out there, which are most of the time unrelated to the feel of the song, if they do they tend to drift away from the topic from one verse to another. Tremonti's ( even in alter bridge ) lyrics in this song are really meaningful and well thought out.

Impression:Well in the end, i love to give this song a 10/10 because it is heavy,thrash sounding,ever amazing guitar playing by Mark & the most important thing it will keep you pumped up the rest of the day.
P.S. Amazing to play coz it's fast and melodic.