Monday, 9 February 2015

Installing Rocksmith from the DVD (PC DVD)


1. Before connecting anything (Real-Tone Cable/CD) install steam and register yourself (it's free).
2. Then insert the DVD you've got.
3. Click on Install and then it asks for the Activation Key, enter it.
4. Select the Destination Folder for the game.
5. Click on Install.
- If it starts downloading from the internet then close steam from the task manager and then restart the installation process from the DVD. It should now be installing from the DVD.
- Even then if one has a problem try switching the steam between offline/online mode.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

American Idiot - Green Day ( My First Guitar Cover )

This is my first guitar cover which by the way was totally unplanned. Green Day songs are fairly easy to learn but difficult to master it to sound perfect. I made conscious effort in making it sound perfect, but never came close. I guess it's a common theme among the things which we do where we never feel satisfied with the things we do. Anyway this was my first attempt (not the last) at recording a full length song. I planned on recording a Metallica song, but as you know things don't go according to a plan so had to settle for a Green Day song. Here it goes,

You Waste Your Time - Tremonti (Review)

In Intermediate i heard about this band called Creed, i loved it, but never did i know at that time that it's guitarist was Mark Tremonti. He is now one of my inspiration in picking up a guitar. His creed songs were bluesy,melodic & alternative,  Alter Bridge was Hard Rock and had a melodic feel to it, but now his solo effort is a complete speed/Thrash metal album with melody in it.

Sound: The sound to me being a metal fan, reminds me of the thrash feel i love. It comes close to the Alter Bridge sound more than creed's.The ripping intro riff was very very cool, Tremonti a huge fan of metallica who also openly confessed in being influenced a lot by the compositions of metallica, aimed for that kind of a thrashy sound but in his own unique way.

Lyrics: The Lyrics are very refreshing when compared to the songs out there, which are most of the time unrelated to the feel of the song, if they do they tend to drift away from the topic from one verse to another. Tremonti's ( even in alter bridge ) lyrics in this song are really meaningful and well thought out.

Impression:Well in the end, i love to give this song a 10/10 because it is heavy,thrash sounding,ever amazing guitar playing by Mark & the most important thing it will keep you pumped up the rest of the day.
P.S. Amazing to play coz it's fast and melodic.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Fiddling Around with A/V

This is a Video done on Sony Vegas with its Audio down tuned to C#. The audio is down tuned(lower frequencies) to give the song a Death Metal feel(a sub-genre of Metal).

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Thought's on Android

Feature's are being added on every new android release.Feature like the USB Hosting capability was introduced in Android 3.1, which was a big boon for developers & users as it opened up several possibilities and functionality. It's a very powerful feature where one can connect their HID & storage devices to their phones. This feature i think can make us rethink the way we build/use our products or systems. In the current scenario of the ever competitive and revenue driven mobile industry there is a constant race among companies on who would grab a larger piece of pie in the market. To achieve this, large companies tend to make or modify their products according to the different taste's & sections of the consumer. This makes the products being developed for android not viable to work on every android phone as companies tend to modify their Android OS. This brings a sense of dislike among the consumer's when they don't find feature's like USB Hosting or application's not working. For this to happen there has to be a open communication/policies set between the phone maker's and Google.Let's see what's going to happen.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Nothing Else Matters - Solo (No Effects)

Well this was my first attempt at the melodious Ballad Nothing Else Matters by metallica. This was the first tune i played when i started playing guitar.