Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Remembering Tatamma

Last weekend was my Grandpa's mom (Tatamma) 1st Death Anniversary. She's been in my thoughts one way or another from the day she passed away. I always remember her making the food items i love the most, telling me wonderful stories, going with her to the garden & temple and the most important one is the day when she first taught me how to write Telugu on a slate with a piece of chalk. Last i spoke to her was just 2 weeks before she departed us that is when she told me to work hard, strive for a brighter future & make myself a place in this world.Those words were etched word to word in my mind.

When Tatamma was with us i always thought i could go to her anytime but was always postponing thinking that i could meet her later.It's only when the d word crept in for the first time, is when i understood that time was very short and not feel regret.